Tips for the Responsible Use of Cannabis

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Tips for Enjoying Cannabis Responsibly

The legalization of recreational cannabis last October was a great celebration across Canada. However, just as with alcohol or any other controlled substance, it’s vital to use common sense. Read our tips for responsible use of cannabis to enjoy all the great benefits of cannabis while avoiding legal headaches.

Before we get into our tips, let’s consider what the legalization itself means for Canada.

Cannabis was legalized and moved out of the shadows so that proper regulation and monitoring can be done by the authorities, along with tax revenue. Just think of it as instead of getting your Cannabis in a dark alleyway with a high probability of being mugged, you will now get it from someone with a white uniform and security cameras all around. OK we’re kidding; if you’re a member of Headz you’re looking for mail order cannabis for medical or spiritual reasons, rather than plain recreation.

No matter your reason for partaking of cannabis, we are all adults and should behave as we should in regards to use and handling of controlled substances.

The following tips for the responsible use of cannabis will keep us and those around us safe.

Driving safety

Driving any form of vehicle under the influence of Cannabis, especially products that any amount of THC in them increases the risk of accidents.

Respect yo’ Edibles

yoda-ediblesBe mindful of the dosage and time-to-effect of the cannabis you are consuming. Remember that smoking it enable you to feel its effect right away, but it might take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours before edibles can have its effect. This increases the likelihood of an overdose or poisoning if you eat too much, especially because these can be very delicious.

Take for example this decadent fudge brownie that contains 50mg of THC. It would be easy to forget that this contains THC and eat a lot in a single sitting leading to an overdose 2 hours later. Granted, while recorded deaths due to cannabis overdose are rare, you could get trapped in a horrible trip for a very long time.

Keep Away from the Kids & Petsweed dogs meme headz

Like with any drug, remember to store Cannabis out of sight and reach of children and animals. Children do not know what they are and will likely overdose especially with edibles. Cannabis (with certain exceptions) is also very poisonous to animals. Even just a small dose can be very dangerous. So when smoking, make sure that you are away from your pets, and heaven forbid you should blow your smoke at your pet’s face! The effects can be seen in mere minutes. If your pet’s showing symptoms of marijuana poisoning, call your emergency pet hotline right away.

Use Discretion in Public Places

Responsible users of cannabis will choose the setting and conditions properly. Respect the rights of others. It might be legal in Canada and you consider it medicinal or spiritual but others may not. Enjoy only in appropriate places and times, such as in your own home. Besides, smoking pot in public is still illegal in many provinces, anyway.

Use but Don’t Abuse

Finally, resist abuse. Even refined Cannabis products that contain smaller amounts of THC are still addicting. Assess your use and dosage. If you feel that you are craving more than you need, seek help.

Responsible Use of Cannabis Resources

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