Shatter: The Cannabis Concentrate With Instant Appeal

Picture of a marijuana leaf.

Shatter, the cannabis concentrate with a glossy appearance and brittle texture, is gaining in popularity among cannabis concentrate users. Shatter is getting noticed because it offers purity, quality, and nearly instantaneous effects.

Headz customers love Shatter; it boasts having the highest levels of THC of all available cannabis concentrate products. Consumed via vaping with specialty gadgets called rigs, Shatter is 70% – 90% pure THC.

Shatter is Part of the Concentrate Family

Cannabis concentrates are the latest branch of the cannabis family. Blending pharmaceutical style processes to the age-old marijuana plant has produced this new style family of cannabis substrates. Members of this refined family include:

  • Shatter
  • Crumble
  • THC Oil
  • Wax
  • Terp Sauce
  • Live Resin

Shatter is a Cannabis Concentrate

Shatter, like all cannabis concentrates, results when the “power of the flower” is expertly extracted from dried cannabis buds using pharmaceutical grade solvents and extraction techniques.

Shatter is Potent

Shatter production results in an amber-hued resin that’s rich in cannabinoids and low in terpenes. Shatter production undergoes further processing than other concentrates;  removing components like fat and wax and, resulting in a resin that typically has a THC concentration of 70%. But, that number can be as high as 90% with premium products.

Shatter is Instant

Shatter is consumed by inhaling shatter vapors generated with a rig. The result is a near instantaneous surge of the potent vapor, heavily laden in THC, entering the bloodstream and, making its presence acutely known to the user.

Shatter is Discreet

When discretion of cannabis consumption is warranted, Shatter can provide a nearly odorless option. Flavour profiles of Shatter are less complex than other forms of marijuana, which is understandable, as they’re an extract of the herbal helper. Shatter represents a concentrated piece of the plant, not the full body.

Using Shatter will provide the user with fully immersive high, without alerting everyone around them of their experience.

Shatter is Quality

Stable, clean, and effective, Shatter is a premium cannabis product that users can rely on for achieving their desired effect. Relief from pain, insomnia, or for a purely recreational experience, Shatter is a quality choice as a reliable cannabis concentrate.

Motorcycle and rider against the sky. Analogy for the type of high with shatter.y
Leaving little room left for CBD, Shatter delivers an energetic high. Shatter consumption, known as “dabbing” can be an intense ride, even for the seasoned cannabis user.

How to Get Shattered?

Getting the right equipment is essential for properly experiencing the benefits Shatter. The tools you’ll need are:

  • Dabbing Rig. Dab rigs are like bongs, but, specially suited for dabbing. Also known as vapor rigs.
  • Banger Nail. Banger nails, aka Dab nail are the serving plate for shatter resin. All rigs sold by Headz are equipped with banger nails ideally suited for each rig.
  • Torch. Heat is required for dabbing.
  • Quality Shatter. The options for shatter seem endless at the moment so be sure to choose a product that’s high in quality and backed by a reputable supplier.

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