The 8 Benefits of Choosing Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures

Has a doctor ever asked you to “open-wide and swallow the green dragon?” 

No? Really? Hmmm.

Well, then I suspect you may have not been to a doctors office before the year 1940!

Because if you had, specifically with complaints of insomnia, anxiety, or what was then termed a “case of the jitters”, you may have been prescribed a dose of Green Dragon. 

Tincture of cannabis, aka Green Dragon, was a common medicine prescribed by physicians and pharmacist prior to the 1940’s.

Today, cannabis tinctures have made a delightful resurgence that marijuana users are applauding. Cannabis tinctures offer multiple benefits, and are enjoyed by both medical and recreational users alike. 

Us good folks at have put together the top reasons why cannabis tinctures are a beneficial and convenient choice that cannabis users should consider.

8 Benefits of Using Cannabis Tinctures

Accurate Dose Control – Determine Ideal Dosage in a Cost Effective Way

Determining what cannabis dosage is right for you can be a slow, tedious, and  expensive process. Cannabis tinctures are a great way to help you effectively determine your ideal dosage in a format that is cost effective and reliable.

Rapid Absorption via Oral or Sublingual Consumption

Tincture use is often a preferred choice by cannabis users because of the short time it takes to feel its effects in the body. Cannabis tinctures are known to have the fastest rate of absorption, after smoking or vaping.

Relief from common ailments, like insomnia, anxiety, or chronic pain, are quickly felt when consuming cannabis tinctures orally or sublingually.

  • Oral consumption. Tincture is placed into the mouth and swallowed immediately.
  • Sublingual. Tincture is placed under the tongue and allowed to soak in. After a couple of minutes the user can swallow. Flavour infused  tinctures are available through They are a tasty way to consume a cannabis tincture product sublingually.

 Effects from sublingual consumption are typically felt within 15 minutes.

Cannabis Tinctures are Smokeless

Cannabis tinctures offer an effective option for cannabis users to benefit from marijuana without having to endure the negative side effects of smoking. 

Additionally, choosing cannabis tinctures as your smoke-free method for cannabis consumption also prevents harmful second hand smoke production. Ideal for keeping your cannabis use away from those that may not appreciate marijuana’s unique aroma.

Equipment Free – Save on Additional Supplies vs Other Forms of Consumption

Cannabis tinctures don’t require users to invest in specialty equipment. Common cannabis gear like bongs, rigs, vaping tools, or torches, are not necessary for the tincture form of cannabis consumption.

Dosing with tinctures from is an easy way for cannabis users to cut back on costs typically associated with marijuana use. Equipment and supplies needed for other modes of marijuana consumption are not necessary for effective tincture usage.

Tinctures are Accessible and Easy to Medicate

Those with limited mobility and dexterity will  appreciate the lack of equipment required for consuming cannabis tinctures. Other forms of consumption need supplies and fine-motor coordination. For many, that means requesting assistance from others. Being able to medicate without assistance, using reliable products from, can be a widely appealing option for those with dexterity limitations.

Discreet and Odorless – Great for Privacy

Privacy and discretion while dosing is often important to cannabis users. Cannabis tinctures are odorless and easy to consume, which are key aspects to keeping your cannabis consumption private. has multiple tincture options that are can be used conveniently while maintaining your privacy.

Tinctures are the Portable and Convenient Solution for Dosing on the Go

Cannabis tinctures come in small, glass vials making them easy to carry in a bag, purse, or pocket. Being easy to transport is essential for keeping your cannabis close at hand while on the go. Tincture sprays are perfect additions to overnight bags, or to take anywhere you need a convenient solution for dosing.

Stable – Good Longevity and Cost-Effective Choice

Cannabis tinctures delivered via Canada Post from are chemically stable. Which means they have a long shelf life and don’t require special storage, such as a refrigerator or dark cabinet. Benefits of using a stable tincture product are two-fold:

  • Longevity. Expiration dates are not a concern for cannabis tinctures. Tincture potency doesn’t easily degrade; making your selection of cannabis tinctures a reliable item in your medicine cabinet.
  • Cost-Effective. The high concentration of cannabinoids in tinctures means a single purchase can last a long time. If low-doses are right for you, you can rest assure that your chosen cannabis tincture product will be potent, and stable, for as long as you need it.

Headz Cannabis TincturesFinal Thoughts Around Cannabis Tincture Benefits

Today’s marijuana options are more varied and diverse than ever before, and their benefits are undeniable. However, determining which form of marijuana and, what type of consumption, is right for you can be overwhelming and scary to new users. Starting with cannabis tinctures from is an ideal way to experiment with cannabis effects, with dosage, and to  find out which cannabinoid, if any,  you prefer. 

Cannabis tinctures are safe to use, stable, easily consumed, and produce rapid results you can rely on. The benefits of choosing cannabis tinctures are too good to pass by.

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